Cigarette Pack Collectors' Association

              Welcome to The Cigarette Pack Collectors Association                                                                                                                                       PLEASE NOTE:  MOST OF OUR ONGOING CLUB ACTIVITY HAS BEEN MOVED TO FACEBOOK. TO CONTACT US, PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW PAGE BY SEARCHING UNDER THE TITLE "CIGARETTE PACK COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION" ON THE FACEBOOK HOME SCREEN.  DICK ELLIOTT, PRESIDENT CPCA     Email:







         The Cigarette Pack Collectors' Association was formed in 1976 and now numbers about 100 members. Most collect US brands exclusively but there are also many collectors of packs from around the world.

   Our club newsletter, which is called Brandstand , is published quarterly. Ads in the newsletter are free to members as long as they are related to the hobby of cigarette pack collecting and space is available.       

  A Subscription to Brandstand  is included in the annual club membership fee of $10 US  ($15 overseas).  If you are interested in joining C.P.C.A, we may be reached at:

Cigarette Pack Collectors Association, 86 Plymouth Grove Dr.,  Kennebunk, ME 04043      




                         CPCA: Dedicated to the Hobby of Cigarette Pack Collecting Since 1976