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                                Brennig's Own Cigarettes



      In 1911, when prominent New York socialite Mrs. Frederick Coudert Brennig’s husband died suddenly leaving her to raise six children by herself, she didn’t turn to her wealthy relatives for help. Instead, she started a rather unique enterprise to support her family. The enterprise she chose was the manufacture of a line of high quality cigarettes which she called “Brennig’s Own”. The hand-rolled and individually monogramed cigarettes were based upon a tobacco blend which her late husband, Baron Frederick Brennig, had created and ordered made up in the form of cigarettes from a local tobacconist.

The high-class smokes were an instant hit with her many social register friends and by late 1912 she had several experienced rollers employed at her Fifth Avenue apartment along with three girls to pack the boxes according to The Victoria Advocate. .Eventually, the demand became so great that production was moved out to contract firms including Simpson, Studwell & Swick and eventually The Tobacco Blending Corporation. The brand was still in production in the 1950’s and the Brennig family is said to have amassed a considerable fortune over the years.






        Although this pack was manufactured in 1942 by Simpson, Studwell & Swick of NYC for  Brennig Inc.,  Mrs. Brennig’s original 501 Fifth Avenue address is still  listed as the company headquarters.