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                                    Cameron & Cameron Tobacco Company




                                   1870's card used to advise a retailer of an upcoming visit by a Cameron salesman




    The Cameron brothers-Alexander, George and William immigrated from Scotland in the 1850s and settled first in Petersburg, VA., all taking an interest in tobacco manufacturing especially twist and cut-plug. By 1870, William Cameron & Bros. was the largest employer in Petersburg and Alexander Cameron & Co. was the largest in Richmond. In that year, the brothers formed a separate company in Richmond called Cameron & Cameron to focus on smoking tobacco, cigarettes and cheroots.


   William sold out to his brothers in 1886 and George took over the Petersburg operation. At some point in the 1880s, Alexander brought a partner named Sizer into his firm and also began to manufacture cigarettes under the company name Cameron & Sizer Tobacco. Sizer brought along his famous “The Favorite Straight Cut” brand cigarettes into the venture.


   In 1890 when the Cameron Company merged with the Duke ATC Trust, it was the largest tobacco manufacturing firm in the country. Cigarette brands from the period included Fatima, Favorite Straight Cut, Gold Medal, Old Hero, Purity, Sweet Purity and Richmond Club.  

  After the breakup of the trust in 1911, the popular Fatima and Favorite brand names were awarded to Liggett & Myers. However, the Cameron & Cameron Co. name remained on the packaging until sometime in the 1930s in homage to the brand loyalty still attached to the original makers.



    Although these two packs date from after 1911 when Liggett & Myers obtained the rights to the brand names, the Cameron & Cameron name was still prominently displayed. Also shown above is an 1880's counter top display card for Richmond Club Cigarettes.