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                                      Frishmuth & Bros. Tobacco Company


      Founded in 1810 by Jacob Frishmuth, this early Philadelphia firm was noted most for its’ many chewing and smoking tobaccos. The earliest ads pronounced that the firm was a maker of “sweet scented smoking tobacco” and pictured a black man puffing on a long pipe while seated among hogsheads of tobacco.      


    The company, located at 151 North  Third Street, expanded over the years and employed more than a hundred skilled workers by the 1880s at a 2nd large factory on Quarry Street. By  then, Jacob’s grandsons, J.C and E.H. Frishmuth headed up the firm. During  the Civil War, J.C. served in the PA Volunteer Battery and was noted for his dedication to the troops under his command. He reportedly had wagon-loads of tobacco delivered to the soldiers on more than one occasion. Frishmuth’s tobacco brands such as Luxury, Poor Man’s, Mohawk, Orchid, Green Goose, Stag and Rainbow Cut Plug came in a variety of tins, and packages.  Cigarette brands included Nationals, Resolute, Pals and Atta Boy. 


        In 1897, Frishmuth's was purchased by The Duke American Tobacco Co. Trust. I am not sure if production was relocated to Richmond,VA during this period as it was for most of the 300 small tobacco companies bought out by Duke but the Frishmuth brand name remained on the packaging and in 1911, when the trust was dissolved,  the firm was definitely operating in Philadelphia. During WWI, the company was heavily involved in providing tobacco products  to the military.Ads for Frishmuth brands  continued well into the 1920s but the company seems to have ceased production by the 1930's.




        Frishmuth's Tobacco Works in Philadelphia                                 Resolute Cigarettes named for the        Atta Boy was an early

                                                                                                              1920 America's Cup Winner                brand from Frishmuth




                                                Nationals was a white burley brand introduced in the 1920s by Frishmuth