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                                        Lickter's Hollywood Cigarettes


         Cigarettes sold in Egyptian Theater Lobby                                         Interior of Grauman's Egyptian Theater              


  When Sid Grauman’s famous Egyptian Theater was built in 1922 at a cost of over $800,000, it was among the first of the great Hollywood  movie palaces. No expense was spared to provide theater goers with a luxurious experience. In October of that year, it was the home of the first Hollywood premiere, “Robin Hood” starring Douglas Fairbanks with tickets going for $5.00 each.

  Among the many amenities offered to patrons were Mark Lickter’s luxury cigarettes aptly called “A Puff From Hollywood” and sold from a small store in the lobby as well as by cigarette girls who mingled with the crowd. Lickter was also given a prime space in Grauman’s Chinese Theater built in 1927.