Cigarette Pack Collectors' Association

                                                 Long Cigarettes


      Long Cigarettes were introduced by Paul A. Werner Inc. of New York City in 1934.  Despite the name, at 75mm, Longs were only slightly taller than their rival standard brands which measured 70mm. However, the company did come up with a rather clever marketing gimmick to distinguish themselves from the competition. The period  between 1930s and 1950s was the era of the traveling salesman. There were literally thousands of sales representatives traveling around the country living pretty much out of a suitcase and usually staying at budget priced hotels and motels. The Werner Company saw this as a potentially large market and began packing a single razor blade under the cellophane on the back of the pack. The brand was primarily sold out of vending machines and road-weary salesmen soon recognized the convenience of picking up a fresh razor blade whenever they stopped in the lobby for a pack of cigarettes.

   Although I have been collecting packs since the early 1950s, I have yet to come across a full pack of Longs with the razor blade still intact but the search continues. 


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