Cigarette Pack Collectors' Association

                                     Reach For A Lucky Instead of A Sweet


     In 1948, Vincent Riggio, who was then president of American Tobacco, told the story of how one of the most famous and successful cigarette  advertising campaigns of the century came to be. According to Riggio, sometime during the late twenties,  he and former ATC President, George Hill were riding in a cab in New York when the inspiration for the campaign literally appeared before them. Looking out of the cab window, Hill had spotted a rather stout woman standing on one side of the street with a piece of candy in her hand. Meanwhile, he saw a very slim young woman sitting inside a cab next to them holding a cigarette.  Hill instantly pointed out the contrast between the two women to Riggio and exclaimed “I’ve got it; ‘Reach for a Lucky instead of a Sweet’ will be our new ad slogan”. Riggio hammered out the details of the campaign over the next several months and despite protests from the confectionary industry, the ads effectively raised profits from $21 million to $46 million over the succeeding decade.  Old Gold joined in with their “enjoy both” ad in 1930